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Why massage chairs make sense in India even though labor costs are low?

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

ConvenienceFor the same reason many people in India now use washing machines. They may not clean as well but they are very convenient. With a massage chair people can get a massage at work, in their hotel room in the evening or late at night at home after returning from a long day at work. This is much more convenient than looking for a massage therapist and checking their spa hours or if they will come to your home.

ConsistencyIn India, many massage therapists are not trained so you don't know what you'll be getting. With a massage chair you can program it to your desired style, part of body that needs attention or intensity.

Usable by Everyone

Unlike massage spas that mostly cater to young men that are bold enough to venture in, massage chairs can be used by everyone including elderly parents, women and even children in the comfort of their homes and offices without any embarrassment.

Cost Benefit

In India, the average cost of a massage is Rs 1000/hr.

- At 25 massages a year (2 times a month), it will cost Rs 25,000 per person/per year or

- Rs 1 lac per year for a family of 4.

With a massage chair a family of 4 can instead get -

- A 15 min massage every day of the year

- the cost would be recovered in a year and is free to use for many years after that

- Many people still visit a masseuse every once in a while and use the massage chair for daily rejuvenation or quick relief



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