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Premium Plus 

MRP - ₹ 3.99 L 

Osada Premium Plus Brown



Upright 53 L x 30 W x 48 H inches 

Reclined- 76 L x 30 W x 36 H inches  

Machine Weight- 113 kg

User Height < 6'5 ft

User Weight < 140kg

Recline-170 deg

Rollers- 6 rollers

Heat- Back

Colors- Black, Brown

Power- 240W

Voltage- 220-240V

Net Wt/Gross Wt- 117kg/157kg

Package Dimension for Shipping - 3 boxes

1470*745*940 mm(Main Body)
1565*420*710 mm (Armrest)
530*445*540 mm(Legrest)


Installation: We will unpack and assemble the chair on site for you. Please ensure your home or office has doors and stairs wide enough to fit the above boxes. If you don't you may need to unpack the chair before moving it into the final location.

Product Brochure


User Instruction Manual


Luxury 3D full body massage chair

Body scan function

SL shape massage track

6 massage rollers

Heated Roller- With Far Infrared heating for back

Air pressure massage on shoulder, waist, arm, buttock, calf and foot

Yoga Stretch for Spine Relief

Zero Gravity

Forward sliding Space Saving

Bluetooth Music Speaker

Wraparound 3D Foot Roller

Footrest extends 16 cm


Premium  Plus left view.jpg

3D Massage Chair

High end Luxurious massage chair with all the features you could ask for in a massage chair. Massages neck, shoulder, back with rollers, arms, legs, calves, foot with airbags and foot rollers for reflexology. You will very likely fall asleep on this- its that relaxing.

Premium Plus massage chair.jpg

Air Float 3D & SL Track

Zero Gravity- Slide Forward space saving reduces the sapce required.

Zero G offers the most comfortable position with legs above heart level

Extra Long SL track offers the most coverage of any massage chair including buttocks and glutes.

Premium Plus flat and features.png


Space Saving slide forward

Hand Massager has accupressure pads

Chromotherapy lights

Zippered coverings that are washable for easy maintenance

One touch zero gravity


Heated Rollers

Heated Carbon FIR Infrared rollers for heat therapy that are more advanced than Jade rollers

osada premium plus bl le-min.jpg

Auto Programs

  • Recovery – A vigorous ten-minute massage designed to help minimize pain after a workout or other strenuous bout of physical activity.

  • Stretching – A ten-minute program featuring a gentle massage, paired with gentle stretches, ideal for unwinding after a long day.

  • Yoga – A more vigorous version of the stretching massage, featuring greater roller intensity and more aggressive stretching.

  • Calming – This short (ten-minute) massage combines gentle roller action with rhythmic rocking that’s designed to relax you and help you sleep.

  • Renew – A very balanced, quick massage, 8 minutes in duration that includes a little of everything, including one brief st​retch.

  • Relief – A gentle but deep massage utilizing a mix of techniques and heat to help ease muscle pain.  This is the chair’s longest massage, at twenty minutes.

  • Music Sync –  roller action is synchronized with the beat of whatever music you’re listening to.  


Remote Control

Adavanced and simple to use remote control to fully customize your massage.

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Luxury Looks

Looks awesome anywhere you put it- at home or office

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