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The most progressive companies in the world have already identified massage as an important component of their company's wellness programs.


They have seen it helps employees de-stress in the middle of a long work day, helps them relax, increase blood circulation and reduce back pain from sitting for long hours in front of their screens. It helps employees be more productive and reduces absenteeism.

Companies like Google, Adobe and Intuit that are commonly rated as Best Places to Work, all provide massage chairs at their offices for their employees. If you are looking for how best to improve your employees wellness at work, consider the below benefits of massage chairs for employees and companies and give us a call.


Benefits to Employees

Per Mayo Clinic benefits include

  • Reduction in stress, pain and muscle tension 

  • Increases feeling of caring, comfort and well-being 


Per American Massage Therapist Association benefits include

Reduction in symptoms of 

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • blood pressure

  • lower back pain

  • headaches

  • carpal tunnel symptoms

  • sleeplessness (insomnia)

  • pain from strains or injuries etc.  

San Francisco

Benefits to Employers

Reduced sick leaves 


Reduced medical costs related to tiredness, aches & pains 
Increased productivity - mental focus, alert, physical ease, low stress  
Cost similar to gym equipment but benefits every employee-

Unlike programs like smoking cessation, gaming, or sports, this benefit is useful women and non-sporty people
Requires only 10 min for quick rejuvenation

Business Meeting

Hotels, Spas, Hospitals, Airports, Malls, Clubs 

People love massages


Increased loyalty


Brand differentiation


Increased customer satisfaction

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