Advanced Automatic Massage Chairs Untangle your Muscles, Reduce Stress & BP and Increase Blood Circulation for Better Health


American Design, Japanese technology, India based Service


Massage Modes- Shiatsu, Kneading, Yoga Stretching and Heat massage 


Massages-  Neck, Shoulder, Back, Buttock, Glute, Hand, Leg, Feet


Best-selling chairs in US, Japan & India with years of positive reviews


Conservative design that looks great in office, hotels or homes

Exceptional quality parts that will last a long time. No compromises on quality



A massage chair should give you a good massage. No fluff, no gimmicks 


Every design decision geared to give you the best value for you money.

1 year worry-free warranty on parts and labor. Even beyond warranty -We love our customers and we want to see you happy- Always!  

Ordering in India 

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Ordering in USA for India Delivery

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