Advanced Massage Chairs to Untangle your Muscles, Reduce Stress & BP and Increase Blood Circulation for Better Health


American Design, Japanese technology, India based Service


Massage Modes- Shiatsu, Kneading, Yoga Stretching and Heat massage 


Massages-  Neck, Shoulder, Back, Buttock, Glute, Hand, Leg, Feet


Best-selling chairs in US, Japan & India with years of positive reviews


Conservative design that looks great in office, hotels or homes

Exceptional quality parts that will last a long time. No compromises on quality



A massage chair should give you a good massage. No fluff, no gimmicks 


Every design decision geared to give you the best value for you money.

1 year worry-free warranty on parts and labor. Even beyond warranty -We love our customers and we want to see you happy- Always!  

Retired IAS Officer, Gurgaon

"I have been dealing with serious back issues for a long time including requiring surgery. Nothing has helped me more to provide relief to my back pain than the rolling and kneading with the Premium Plus massage chair on a regular basis at home. The bonus was my wife who had pain in her legs from standing for long time now gets plenty of relief from the massage chair's fantastic foot and leg massage. I think every senior citizen deserves this chair in their home"

HouseMaker, Delhi

"Mujhe itna relief spa mein bhi nahi milta jitna is kursi se milta hai. Mein recommend karoongi ki har lady isko ek baar try kare -kyonki iska experience ho jaye to woh iske bina nahin reh payenge"

Hospital, Chandigarh

"We have been using the Osada massage chair in our orthopedic department for pain relief for clients. We have many customers that come for bi-weekly treatments on it. They love it and the chair has been working trouble-free for over a year now with almost daily usage"

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