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Most common failures in massage chairs

Massage Chairs like cars, computers or any other consumer durable machine has a lots of moving parts and electronics, and even with good maintenance or no rough use will eventually fail. So before you buy make sure you know what to do and who to call in case something goes wrong.

This is one of the main reasons customers trust Osada India.They can rest assured we'll do our best to get their machine back to working quickly. Buy an unknown brand from an unknown retailer and you will regret it later. The little money you may have saved in negotiating a great deal for yourself will be lost. Ranting about customer service on Twitter, Facebook or via emails will get you no service because they don't really care. Once they sold you the machine- they are as well as gone.

So what are the most common failures in massage chairs? We'll tell you based on our experience.

Physical Damage

The most common problems are chairs getting damaged during delivery. These machines are imported, so things can go wrong while loading or unloading at the various points along the supply chain or even while bringing it into the house as doorways are usually small and squeezing these chairs though them could lead to scratches, dents and tears.


Electricity is very unstable in India and power outages and surges cause electronics to get burnt out. Like computers and TVs- Fuses, capacitors, resistors, power supply units or even the motherboard often fail from this. Luckily your Osada technician will have common electronic spares in inventory to quickly replace these items. While we can repair these, unfortunately we cant cover the cost of these part failures under warranty unless you have a surge protector installed. .

Overuse abuse

The most common user error we see is thinking this is a ceiling fan that can be run continuously non-stop. Massage chairs are usually designed to be used for only 15 min with a 15 min rest or cooling period for the machine (not you). So they are generally designed for personal -very light use. Maybe a household of two people run it for 30 min in a day. Now if you take the same massage chair and install it in an office and people use it for 4-5 hours a day non-stop, the motors, airbags and other electronics will fail as they are not designed for those kind of loads.


Most chairs are made of synthetic leather and in Indian weather- with heat, the tendency to clean it with wet towels (water) and A/c cool, the leather stretches and contracts in addition to the stretching it gets from the rollers and airbags. Sooner or later cracks develop and if not addressed immediately (stitching and taping), the tear expands to make the entire chair unusable.


These stepper motors are different than the ones used in fans and are more delicate and have shorter life as they carry your entire weight (upto 100 kgs) and not just a fan blade. These motors can start to fail from normal tear and wear after the first year and last longer on the more expensive machines.

Air Compressors

Like the Omron blood pressure machines, these air compressors get work out over time and start to fail after 1 year of moderate use and last longer for light use.

Osada technicians are trained and can help you extend the life of your machine and fix them in case of problems, so only buy genuine Osada machines to get the most out f your investment.



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