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Osada Prestige br left.jpg




Upright 52' L x 32' W x 51' H inches 

Reclined- 77' L x 32'W x 41' H inches  

Machine Weight- 124 kg

User Height < 6'5 ft

User Weight < 130kg

Recline-170 deg

Rollers- 6 rollers

Heat- Back, Feet

Colors- Brown 

Power- 280W

Voltage- 220-240V

Net Weight/Gross Package Wt- 146kg/175kg


Package Dimensions 3 boxes

1520*795*955 mm (Main body)
980*395*715 mm (Armrests)
585*570*615 mm (Legrest)



4D full body massage chair

Body scan function

SL shape massage track

6 Heated FIR massage rollers

Zero gravity

Forward sliding Space Saving

Bluetooth Music 

App Control

Wraparound 3D Foot roller

Heat Therapy

Footrest extends 16 cm


MRP - ₹ 4.99L

Prestige br face.jpg

4D Massage Chair

Super Luxurious massage chair with all the features you could ask for in a massage chair. Massages neck, shoulder, back with rollers, arms, legs, calves, foot with airbags and foot rollers for reflexology


SL Track & Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity- Slide Forward space saving reduces the space required. Zero G offers the most comfortable position with legs above heart level


Extra Long SL track offers the most coverage of any massage chair including buttocks and glutes.

osada prestige brown recline.jpg


Space Saving slide forward

Hand Massager has accupressure pads

Chromotherapy lights

Zippered coverings that are washable for easy maintenance

One touch zero gravity


Heated Rollers

Heated Carbon FIR Infrared rollers for heat therapy that are more advanced than Jade rollers

Prestige remote.jpg

Remote Control

Adavanced and simple to use remote control to fully customize your massage.

embedded controller.jpg

Embedded Controller

Additional embedded controller

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